Pakistani women grew in different fields of life such as politics, education, economy, services, health, and many more. We saw a large number of women participate in the current election.

In this article, We Share the Top 10 Most Attractive & Beautiful Pakistani Female Politicians.

Top 10 Beautiful Pakistani Female Politicians

1. Maryam Nawaz

Maryam Nawaz

No#1 name in the list of Most Attractive Pakistani women Politicians is Maryam Nawaz. She is one of the most attractive and beautiful Politician in Pakistan. Maryam was initially involved in the family’s philanthropic organizations.

However, in 2012, she entered politics and was put in charge of the election campaign during the 2013 general election. 

Maryam Nawaz Born28 October 1973
Maryam Nawaz Age46 years
Maryam Nawaz CountryLahore Pakistan
Maryam Nawaz Height1.65 m
Maryam Nawaz SpouseMuhammad Safdar Awan (m. 1992)
Maryam Nawaz ChildrenMuhammad Junaid Safdar
Mahnoor Safdar
Mehr-un-Nisa Munir
Maryam Nawaz EducationConvent of Jesus and Mary
University of Cambridge
Maryam Nawaz GrandparentsMuhammad Sharif
Shamim Akhtar

2. Hina Pervaiz Butt

Beautiful Pakistani Female Politicians

Hina Pervaiz Butt is a Pakistani politician who was a Member of the Provincial Assembly of Punjab, since May 2013. She is a charming politician in Pakistan. Hina Pervaiz Butt, daughter of Mr. Pervaiz Akhtar Butt. 

Hina Pervaiz Butt Born19 January 1982
Hina Pervaiz Butt Age38 years
Hina Pervaiz Butt CountryLahore, Pakistan
Hina Pervaiz Butt PartyPakistan Muslim League (N)
Hina Pervaiz Butt EducationLahore University of Management Sciences
Convent of Jesus and Mary

3. Ayla Malik

Ayla Malik

Ayla Malik is a Pakistani politician and journalist who served as the Member of the National Assembly from 2002 to 2007 on a reserved seat for women.

She is one of the hottest and attractive politicians in Pakistan. She is a central member of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf.

Ayla Malik Born6 October 1970
Ayla Malik Age49 years
Ayla Malik CountryMianwali, Pakistan
Ayla Malik SpouseYar Muhammad Rind
Ayla Malik PartyPakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf
Ayla Malik SiblingsSumaira Malik

4. Alizeh Iqbal Haider

Alizeh Iqbal Haider is one of the most beautiful and hot attractive politician Pakistani who had been a member of the National Assembly of Pakistan from 2013 to 2015. 

Alizeh Iqbal Haider Born22 April 1977
Alizeh Iqbal Haider Age42 years
Alizeh Iqbal Haider CountryKarachi Pakistan
Alizeh Iqbal Haider PartyPakistan Peoples Party

5. Kashmala Tariq

Kashmala Tariq is, without doubt, one of the hottest and enticing Pakistani politicians who’s the present Federal Ombudsperson for Safety in opposition to Harassment of Girls on the Workplaces, in the workplace since February 2018.

Kashmala Tariq Born24 January 1972
Kashmala Tariq Age48 years
Kashmala Tariq CountryLahore Pakistan
Kashmala Tariq Height1.7 m
Kashmala Tariq SpouseTariq Rashid Khan
Kashmala Tariq PartyPakistan Muslim League
Kashmala Tariq EducationLondon School of Economics and Political Science (1999)
Kashmala Tariq ChildrenAzlan Khan

6. Hina Rubani Khar

Hina Rabbani Khar is, without doubt, one of the hottest and enticing Pakistani politicians who served because of the 21st Overseas Minister of Pakistan from February 2011 till March 2013.

Hina Rubani Khar Born19 November 1977
Hina Rubani Khar Age42 years
Hina Rubani Khar CountryMultan, Pakistan
Hina Rubani Khar Height1.79 m
Hina Rubani Khar SpouseFiroze Gulzar
Hina Rubani Khar EducationUniversity of Massachusetts Amherst (2002),
Hina Rubani Khar ChildrenAnnaya Gulzar
Dina Gulzar

7. Marvi Memon

 Marvi Memon

Marvi Memon is one of the hottest and gorgeous Pakistani politician who recently served as Chairperson of the Benazir Income Support Programme, from February 2015 until June 2018.

Marvi Memon Born21 July 1972
Marvi Memon Age47 years
Marvi Memon CountryKarachi Pakistan
Marvi Memon SpouseIshaq Dar
Marvi Memon PartyPakistan Muslim League (N)
Marvi Memon EducationLondon School of Economics and Political Science (1993), 

8. Sumaira Malik

Sumaira Malik

Sumaira Malik is one of the hottest and attractive Pakistani politician who had been a member of the National Assembly of Pakistan from 2002 to October 2013. 

Sumaira Malik Born19 December 1963
Sumaira Malik Age56 years
Sumaira Malik Spouse Malik Tahir Sarfraz
Sumaira Malik EducationUniversity of Punjab
Sumaira Malik ChildrenUzair Khan
Sumaira Malik SiblingsAyla Malik

9. Sassui Palijo

Sassui Palijo

Sassui Palijo is one of the hottest and attractive politicians and a columnist from Thatta, Sindh, Pakistan. Sassui Palijo is affiliated to Pakistan Peoples Party and is currently a Senator on women’s reserved seats from Sindh. Sassui Palijo was elected Chairperson of the Senate Standing Committee on Parliamentary Affairs in 2018. 

Sassui Palijo Born10 January 1976
Sassui Palijo Age44 years
Sassui Palijo CountryThatta Pakistan
Sassui Palijo SpouseSuhail Kalhoro (m. 1996)
Sassui Palijo EducationUniversity of Sindh
Sassui Palijo OfficeMember of the Senate of Pakistan since 2015
Sassui Palijo PartyPakistan Peoples Party

10. Shazia Marri

Shazia Marri

Shazia Jannat Marri is one of the hottest and sexiest Pakistani politicians who has been a member of the National Assembly of Pakistan since August 2018. Previously Shazia Marri was a member of the National Assembly from July 2012 to August 2013 and again from August 2013 to May 2018. 

Shazia Marri Born8 October 1972
Shazia Marri Age47 years
Shazia Marri OfficeMember of the National Assembly of Pakistan since 2013
Shazia Marri ParentsAtta Muhammad Marri
Parveen Marri

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