Every year trains are getting faster and faster and are starting to rival planes in their speed and comfort. Here are the current Top 15 High Speed Fastest Trains in the World.

Top 15 High Speed Fastest Trains in the World

15. Thalys (186 miles per hour)


The French Belgian high-speed train has been one of Europe’s finest ever since its first launch in 1997.

The Thalys makes it stop in great capitals such as Paris Brussels Amsterdam and London. The train rides at a speed of 186 miles per hour or 300 kilometers per hour and is Europe’s first sustainable and pro-green train with over 7 million passengers annually.

The thalis remain to be one of the most popular modes of transportation. The Thalys train has several destinations all around Europe. Its signature train line is from Paris to Brussels.

14. THSR 700T (196 miles per hour)

THSR-700T Fastest Trains

Taiwan’s fastest trains was introduced to the world in 2007. The THSR 700T is a blend of world-renowned Japanese train manufacturing companies and its speed can reach a maximum of 196 miles per hour or 315 km/h with 12 carts seating capacity of transporting 989 passengers at a time.

The 700T is Taiwan’s go-to transit choice. Oh my god, Japanese is constructed high-speed trains that THSR does not feature an aggressive aerodynamic nose design and instead is focused to optimize and maximize seating capacity.

13. Alstom Euroduplex (198.8 miles per hour)

Alstom Euroduplex

The Alstom Euroduplex known simply as Euroduplex is another example of Europe’s finest high-speed train the train is operated by the French railway company SNCF and has a maximum speed of 198.8 miles per hour or 320 kilometers per hour.

The train that can transport 1065 passengers at a time is known for its light bodyweight and impeccable aerodynamics Traveling through France Luxembourg and Germany. Euroduplex is a great choice for inter-country transport.

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12. Eurostar e320 (200 miles per hour)

Eurostar e320

Just like the Euroduplex, this British high-speed train is another popular choice amongst travelers. The Eurostar e320 first began its service in November 2015 and can Swift at 200 miles per hour or 321 kilometers per hour.

Running through the Euro tunnel this high-speed train has connection lines in London, Paris and Brussels with a capacity of 900 passengers.

The Eurostar e320 is 400 meters in length and with ticket prices less than 100 bucks it’s no surprise that many prefer traveling with high speed and affordable trains.

11. Korail KTX (205 miles per hour)

Korail KTX

The Korail Korea train express or KTX is South Korea’s fastest trains up-to-date with nearly 12 years of construction.

The KTX runs at the speed of 205 miles per hour or 330 kilometers per hour and has been service from 2004.

Capable of carrying up to 935 passengers. This fast train is ergonomically built suited to fit the body shapes of Koreans with individual’s cinema seats on every seat vending machines at arm’s length and comfortable seating. The KTX proves to be a preferred choice over air travel.

10. Deutsche Bahn ICE (205 miles per hour)

Deutsche Bahn ICE

Traveling at the same speed as the Korail KTX the Deutsche Bahn intercity Express or just ice is Germany’s finest.

Operated since 1985 the ice can travel at 205 miles per hour or 330 km/h Voyages. In all across Germany with connecting lines in Denmark, this Swift train carries around 2 billion passengers every year with his futuristic exterior design.

The ice was awarded the red dot design in 2015 that is the go-to choice for visitors and passengers all over Germany.

Even on long stretches such as Berlin to Basel which takes around 8 hours of journey time train travel is a vast competitor to planes in air transportation with all the hassle that accompanies airplanes and airports.

Sometimes it’s a much smarter and logical decision to travel by train especially if it’s of a high-speed caliber with mostly inter-country travel and some routes expanding into neighboring countries.

The Deutsche Bahn and ice network can send off 280 trains per day. These frequent voyages are another reason why travelers from all over the world prefer comfortable train rides over anxiety-inducing air travel.

9. Haramain Western Railway (217 miles per hour)

Haramain Western Railway

Known as the Western or Mecca Medina railway. The haramain high-speed train is Saudi Arabia’s best with nearly a decade of construction and assembly this train costs a shocking 9.4 billion dollars to build with a speed of 217 miles per hour or 350 kilometers per hour

The Haramain Western is the 10th fastest high-speed train in the world. The train can transport 417 seated passengers at a time and it’s estimated to carry around 60 million travelers every year with its 280 miles or 450 kilometers mainline.

The Haramain travels between two Muslim holy cities Medina and Mecca as its name the Mecca Medina railway. This 9.4 billion dollar train needed 9 years of non-stop construction and its arrangement was divided into two phases.

Phase 1 consisting of designing planning and starting construction of the finished product. By the end of phase 1 around 2 billion dollars was spent in assembling 4 of the 5 stations.

Phase 2 dealt with the remaining infrastructure obstacles such as train power electricity and signaling anticipated to have started at services in 2012.

The construction and design took longer than expected and the final high remained Western train was open to the public in 2018.

8. Renfe AVE (217 miles per hour)

Renfe AVE

Some of the fastest trains in the world belong to the Spanish Renfe Alta Velocidad Espanola or just the AVE train service.

The high-speed trains that have been operating with the AVE service ever since 1992 and they have the same speed as the Haramain Western with a 217 mile per hour or 350 kilometer per hour speed under its belt.

The Renfe transports around 20 million passengers every year. The train that translates to Spanish high speed or bird if it’s abbreviated.

The Renfe has connecting links all over Spain and even some lines in France. As of 2020, the Spanish AVE system is the longest high-speed railway network in Europe.

It’s 2010 mile or 3200-kilometer railway line is also the second-longest in the world. Coming in shorter than China when it comes to specific trains the Renfe company bought several first-class operating trains for their successful transport lines built by the German industrial conglomerate siemens velcro.

It’s a family of high-speed trains that travel all across Europe with connecting points and lines in Germany, Belgium, France, the UK, China, Russia, and Turkey.

The Siemens trains have some of the vast variety of inter-country transport. When it comes to the fastest of the family the Valero e103 is the swiftest of them all with cheap and inexpensive ticket prices starting at 32 euros or 65 bucks traveling and exploring Spain can be fun and affordable at the same time.

In the upcoming years, there are more than 10 new train lines that are currently under construction and will soon start to operate.

Expanding throughout the beautiful country of Spain visitors and tourists traveling with the AVE will be able to visit more than 15 cities starting in late 2020.

If you ever decide to take a road trip across Spain remember to keep Renfe AVE as your mode of transportation at the back of your mind.

7. Frecciarossa 1000 (220 miles per hour)

Frecciarossa 1000

The high-speed train is operated by an Italian railway company at a maximum speed of 220 miles per hour or 354 km/h.

Europe’s finest and greatest train started its construction in 2008. After years of careful assembly an impeccable building the fresh air Oso is finally open to travelers in 2015 operated by Trenitalia.

The ETR 400mm offers the maximum visitors and tourists who want to explore Italy in its prime.

The 660 foot or 202-meter long train is made of nearly 100% renewable and sustainable operating parts and components making it one of the most environmentally friendly trains in the world.

The trackers have a characteristic long nose on its front end which ultimately provides excellent aerodynamic properties designed specifically for optimizing shock absorption and maximum safety.

This unique design aids in the train’s overall function and along with 16 powerful engines distributed all across the train’s length.

The ETR 416 the Italian trains interior design is also remarkable for its special features with wide corridors organ Amelie shaped seats 4G internet service and soundproof cabins.

The ETR 400 is truly one for comfort and luxury and with 485 passenger seats available in four classes. Executive business premium and standard Europe’s fastest trains offers impeccable ease and safety.

6. AGV Italo (223 miles per hour)

AGV Italo

AGV Italo is one of the fastest trains in the world. First undergoing prototype construction and assembly in the year 2000.

This train has come a long way from its initial release in operation. This fast train began its journey in 2012 and as of 2020.

The AGV has a maximum speed of 223 miles per hour and 359 kilometers per hour and is widely used amongst travelers in Europe.

This mega speed train runs from Roma to Naploii and covers about 140 miles or 225 kilometers of distance in less than one hour not only is the AGV one of the fastest trains in the world but it’s also an eco-friendly construction work as approximately 98% of its body parts are recyclable.

Even though the AGV train was manufactured by the French company. Also, it was purchased by the Italian company Nuovo Transporto Viaggiatori (NTV) in 2008.

Since then it’s been regarded as the AGV Italo. It cost around 100 million euros to develop and construct but the Italian conglomerate bought it for a hefty price tag of 650 million euros. The 434 o 132 meter long train has seating to accommodate from 245 to 446 passengers at a time.

5. Shinkansen E5 and H5 (224 miles per hour)

Shinkansen E5 and H5

When it comes to the fastest trains in Japan the award goes to the Shinkansen E5 and H5 series. These high-speed trains share the same maximum speed of 224 miles per hour or 360 kilometers an hour and were constructed in 2014 and 2015 built by the Hitachi and Kawasaki Heavy Industries.

These trains are owned by East Japan Railway Company and cost 18 billion yen or 170 million dollars from start to bottom running from Tokyo to our Mori the e5 and h5 can cover the distance of 444 miles or 715 kilometers in just under three hours.

What sets these particular trains apart from their competitors is not only their super speed or price but also their unique design.

The Shinkansen E5 and H5 series have a distinct exterior which makes the fast speed trains that much more memorable workable.

The green and purple finish trains feature images of lilac Lupin and lavender flowers which have a deeper meaning than just their Pleasant design. These beautiful flowers represent the northern and second-largest island of Japan, Hokkaido.

This island is known for its incredibly breathtaking flower fields and arrangements amongst which lilacs Lubin’s and lavenders predominate but apart from its gorgeous exterior display Shinkansen E5 and H5 series also have a characteristic 50 foot or 15-meter long nose which aids in minimizing sound blasts and tunnels and with active suspension systems installed across the train length vibrations of moving compartments are vastly reduced from maximum comfort.

4. Talgo 350 (227 miles per hour)

Talgo 350

Initially named renfa AVE class 102 the Talgo 350 is one of the fastest trains in the world. A 660 foot or 200-meter long high-speed train as connecting lines in Madrid and Valladolid and has been an active mode of transportation from 2007.

Spanish constructed train as an innovative technology that allows it to reach a speed of 227 miles per hour or 365 kilometers an hour.

Algos signature lightweight material the 350 model offers railway operators high performance and efficiency with each train ride. Not to mention is the airtight and pressurized body which provides a comfortable passage through tunnels and crossings.

The seating arrangements are divided into four classes and the Talgo 350 has a maximum capacity of 400 travelers at a time.

With quick video and audio devices at each seat, this high-speed train can be efficient and entertaining at the same time.

If you enjoy a good book during your relaxing train ride and you can use the reading lamps attached to cabin tables as for electronic devices power outlets are provided at individual seats which enhances every passenger’s comfort.

3. Harmony CRH 380A (235 miles per hour)

Harmony CRH 380A

First, in service since 2010, the Harmony CRH 380A is China’s fastest train up to date with a maximum lightning speed of 235 miles per hour or 380 KM an hour.

The third fastest high-speed train in the world operates from Beijing to Shanghai and as many stops in multiple cities and towns.

The longest high-speed line in China is also notorious for its meticulous design and careful detailing.

The design work was carried out in 4 main categories and took more than 5 years to perfect the optimal scheme and model but when it comes to stunning fast speed the technology that was used to reach the maximum speed was discovered through research.

These studies were carried out at various universities in China and were ultimately used to tweak and improve the final CRH product.

Harmony CRH 380A serves its name right because this modern train was designed to be completely vibration-free.

Train cabins and internal structures were built in such a powerful way that they can withstand a stunning maximum speed of 340 miles per hour or 550 kilometers an hour and with advanced noise control technology is incorporated in the overall design. The harmony 380A model has sound-absorbing and eliminating properties like no other.

2. Fuxing Hao (249 miles per hour)

Fuxing Hao

A silver medal for the fastest high-speed train in the world goes to the Fuxing Hao ER400AF. Officially introduced into service in June of 2017.

China railway operated train travels from Beijing to Shanghai. This extraordinary bullet train can run faster than the Japanese Shinkansen models and has a jaw-dropping speed of 249 miles per hour or 400 kilometers per hour.

The signature bullet knows our dynamic design reduces air resistance which aids with overall high speed and efficiency.

Chinese constructed train has two configurations one being the standard eight cart version while the other is twice in size and is a 16 cart model with a maximum capacity of 556 and 1,200 passengers respectively.

The Fuxing Hao aims to offer spacious internal cabin space and comfortable experience to all travelers.

The second-fastest high-speed train in the world also has a distinct red and gold and exterior design. If you’re traveling in the first-class compartment of the Fuxing Hao you can turn your seat into a comfortable bed a perfect option for those sleepless and restless nights.

1. Shanghai Maglev (267 miles per hour)

Shanghai Maglev

Behold the fastest high-speed train in the world is the Shanghai Maglev with a shocking speed of 267 miles per hour or 430 kilometers an hour.

The speed of the Shanghai maglev is unmatched by its inferior train competitors. The first-ever commercially operated high-speed magnetic levitation line has been in service ever since its opening in 2004 with an affordable price of just $8 per passenger.

It comes as no shock that voyagers prefer high-speed trains over ridiculously expensive and inconvenient air travel.

The trains arrive every 15 to 20 minutes the Shanghai Maglev remains the number 1 choice for intra and intercity travel.

This monumental transportation device can fit 574 passengers at a time. It only takes 7 minutes to travel from Shanghai International Airport to the Long Island metro station.

This means the Shanghai Maglev can get from one end of the city to the other in less than 10 minutes.

For comparison it takes an average car around one hour to make the same trip and journey with that as of 2020 the Shanghai Maglev remains the fastest high-speed train in the world.

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