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Top 18 Most Beautiful Horses in the World

1. Akhal-Teke Horse

Akhal Teke

Akhal-Teke Horse is the most beautiful horse in the world and listed in the list of Beautiful Horses in the World. There are currently about 6,600 Akhal-Tekesin the world, mostly in Turkmenistan and Russia, although they are also found throughout Europe and North America.

Akhal-Teke Horse TemperamentsIntelligent 
Quick to learn
Akhal-Teke Horse Weight450 kg
Akhal-Teke Horse Height1.5 – 1.6 m
Akhal-Teke Horse Price$5,000 to $35,000
Akhal-Teke Horse Lifespan25 – 30 years
Akhal-Teke Horse CountryTurkmenistan

2. Friesian Horse

Height15 to 17 hands (60 to 68 inches, 152 to 173 cm)
Scientific nameFriesian
Other namesBelgian Black (UK)
Price$20,000 to $50,000
speed23 miles an hour
weight1,200-1,400 pounds

3. Gypsy Horse

Gypsy Horse

The Irish Cob known as the Gypsy Horse or Gypsy Vanner found in the United States. It is now considered a breed.

Gypsy Horse Scientific NameEquus caballus
Gypsy Horse Higher ClassificationHorse
Gypsy Horse RankBreed
Gypsy Horse Other namesIrish Cob
Tinker Horse
Gypsy Horse Distinguishing FeaturesCob conformation, often piebald or skewbald, feathered heels

4. Black Forest Horse

Black Forest Horse

The Black Forest Horse is a small breed but very tough by nature and gained popularity because they are highly fertile creatures.

5. Haflinger Horse

Beautiful Horses

Haflingers have lean, elegant heads with expressive, lively eyes, fine nostrils, and ears in proportion to the head. A stallion’s head is stronger and more masculine than a female’s, lighter, and more feminine.

6. Knabstrupper


Knabstrupper has a well-balanced body with an elegant, expressive head. The eyes are clear and relaxed. The neck is well set and strong.

Knabstrupper OriginDenmark
Knabstrupper Higher classificationHorse
Knabstrupper RankBreed
Knabstrupper Place of originDanish

7. Lipizzan Horse

Along with the Disney movie, Lipizzans have also starred or played supporting roles in movies, TV shows, books, and other media.

8. Camarillo White Horse

Camarillo White Horse
Camarillo White Horse Scientific nameEquus caballus
Camarillo White Horse Country of originUnited States
Camarillo White Horse Distinguishing featuresPure white, compact, muscular but refined build, clean-cut head, well arched neck
Camarillo White Horse Height14.2 to 17hands
Camarillo White Horse Coat ColorsWhite
Camarillo White Horse WeightAverage 1,250 pounds

9. Arabian Horse

Arabian Horse Other namesArabian, Arab
Arabian Horse Height1.4 – 1.6 m 
Arabian Horse ColorBay, black, chestnut, or gray. Occasional dominant white, sabino, or rabicano patterns
Arabian Horse Mass450 kg (Adult)
Arabian Horse Scientific nameEquus ferus caballus

10. Andalusian Horse

Andalusian Horse
Andravida Horse TemperamentsWilling
Andravida Horse Weight380 kg
Andravida Horse Height56 to 64 inches
Andravida Horse Price$3,600
Andravida Horse Lifespan25 to 30 years
Andravida Horse CountryTurkmenistan

11. Connemara pony 

Connemara pony is the tallest pony horse and the most attractive horse. According to legend, the Connemara ponies are the fruit of the love of horses transported by the Spanish Invincible Armada, which sank off the coast of Connemara in 1588, and local wild ponies. The long, bushy tail and soft, shiny mane of these beautiful creatures are especially beautiful.

Connemara pony Weight400kg – 550kg
Connemara pony Height50 and 58 inches
Connemara pony TemperamentsKind
Connemara pony Price$850
Connemara pony Lifespan30 years
Connemara pony Countrywestern Ireland

12. American paint horse

The American Paint Horse is one of the very attractive and Beautiful Horses due to its specific color like a painting in the picture. A distinctive feature of the American Paint horse is the pinto suit of any type.

American paint horse Weight950 to 1,200 pounds
American paint horse Height56 inches
American paint horse Temperamentsfriendly
social creatures
innately intelligent
American paint horse Price$5,000
American paint horse Lifespan31 years
American paint horse CountryUnited States

13. Thoroughbred riding horse

This Thoroughbred riding horse was bred in England and was originally called English racehorses and include the list of Beautiful Horses in the World. For this breed, gallop at a speed of 1 kilometre per minute is considered the norm.

Thoroughbred riding horse Weight1,100 pounds
Thoroughbred riding horse Height68 inches
Thoroughbred riding horse Temperamentssmart horses
Thoroughbred riding horse Price$89,259
Thoroughbred riding horse Lifespan25-30 years
Thoroughbred riding horse CountryEngland

14. Menorca horse

The most important quality of this pitch-black stallion horse stands on its hind legs and it is also known as the Menorah horse, a child from the islands of Menorca. This is the most attractive horse in the list of Top 18 Beautiful Horses in the World.

Menorca horse Weight500 kg
Menorca horse Height1.60 m
Menorca horse TemperamentsNoble
Menorca horse Lifespan25-30 years
Menorca horse CountrySpain

15. Morgan Horse

Its representatives are appreciated because they can easily learn different types of gait. Morgan’s horse has a muscular, compact body with a well-curved neck and neat head, as well as a highly raised tail. The first horse of this suit was called “Figure”, and since it belonged to a man named Justin Morgan.

Morgan Horse Weight400 – 550 kg
Morgan Horse Height57 to 61 inches
Morgan Horse TemperamentsFriendly
Quite eager
Morgan Horse Price$1,500
Morgan Horse Lifespan20-30 years
Morgan Horse CountryMassachusetts

16. Percheron horse

This is a French breed of horse, which is distinguished by power and speed. Horse riding on the Percheron is a pleasure, as these tall handsome men go very gently.

Percheron horse Weight1,200 kg
Percheron horse Height60–76 inches
Percheron horse TemperamentsEnergetic
Pleasing personality
Percheron horse Price$10,000
Percheron horse Lifespan25- 30 years
Percheron horse CountryHuisne river valley,western France

17. Norwegian fjord horse

These horses are bred in the mountains of Western Norway. Now, they are equally good under the saddle and harness.

Norwegian fjord horse Weight400 to 500 kilograms
Norwegian fjord horse Height14.2 hands
Norwegian fjord horse TemperamentsCalm 
Norwegian fjord horse Price$ 5000
Norwegian fjord horse Lifespan30 years
Norwegian fjord horse CountryNorway

18. Friesian horse

The friesian horse is one of the most beautiful horses in the world looks very elegant, despite its massive size. He has a very strong, muscular body, beautiful and thick mane and tail, as well as thick hair (friezes) on the lower legs. The most beautiful horses of this breed are named Frederick the Great in honour of the King of Prussia.

Friesian horse Weight1,300 pounds
Friesian horse Height60 to 68 inches
Friesian horse TemperamentsLoyal
Friesian horse Price$19,900 to $47,900
Friesian horse Lifespan16 years
Friesian horse CountryNetherlands

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